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Our doberman pinscher puppy guarantee

We Promise all new proud puppy parents that their dogs will be healthy strong puppies free from any genetical issues or problems. All our purebred doberman puppies will conform with breed standards.


All dobe puppies are sold with the guarantee that ensures they will not inherit genetic issues such as hip/elbow dysplasia, however if your dog is feed so much to the point where it becomes obese, doesn’t get enough exercise or as a puppy runs too much on hard surfaces, this may severely impact not only the hips but the full skeletal frame of your dog.


New puppy owners are welcome to take the dog to a vet to get a full health check up with their new puppy. If the report shows the dog isn’t 100% healthy, bring your puppy back for either a refund or swap for another, supply us with the report and bill for the vet check and we’ll reimburse your expense.


All our dogs have great genetics which will allow for some amazing results for a sociable and healthy dog, however to get the most out of your dog, proper socialization with a registered dog trainer or training organization for at least one year is recommended for best results. Any puppy raised in these avenues will be guaranteed to be mentally sound for life.


Any disagreements on hereditary faults shall be put to final judgement with the The Rowville Veterinary clinic in Melbourne Victoria.


We do our best to bring you the best, we will always help give you the tools you need to get the most from your doberman, however we cannot be responsible for poor handling of your puppy from there on in.


Please ensure before making any claims on our guarantee that your dog has a full history of vaccinations, has regular check ups and vet history and has seen a registered dog trainer or training organization for at least one year.

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