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Training Your Puppy



All Doberman pinschers must experience socialization at a young age. This means meeting and greeting many people and other dogs during their first year of life. The exposure gets them used to interacting with people and other dogs and animals in a positive way.


Train your puppy to walk with a leash on and bring them to local parks where they can meet other social dogs, pups and their owners, or take your pup to shops that allow pets and to dog-centered events like KCC park dog days. If they have been socialized well, your pup will be friendlier to humans and other dogs and will not suffer from behavioral problems like anxiety.


Do Not Overdo Training

It is best to train your Dobe for just 15 minutes per session. If the training session is too long, he could get bored, become distracted and make more mistakes. Dobermans do well with several sessions a day. Training 3 to 5 times daily will help your puppy retain the new skill, provided the sessions are kept short, interesting and rewarding. Also, stick to one trick per session until it is learned. Do not mix two or three tricks to avoid confusing the puppy.


Be Firm and Consistent

Doberman puppies are adorable and with their deep, dark eyes, they can be irresistible. However, be careful with how much you let them get away with. If you spoil a dog as intelligent as a Doberman, it may end up becoming a dominant or naughty dog. Keep in mind that this breed thrives well with someone who can take charge and be a leader.


When you train your Doberman puppy, always be firm and consistent. If they are not allowed on the sofa, then they are never allowed on the sofa. Allowing them to do something undesirable occasionally will confuse them and they will be less likely to believe you or follow your command.


Reward, Don't Punish

Dobermans learn their behavior, whether it's good or bad. When you train them, focus on reward. Stop, block or distract them from undesirable behavior, then reward them for a job well done. Rewarding the dog will help it focus on what he could do to get a treat so he is more likely to learn the right behavior that gives him positive results.


If your dog is older and is getting out of control, certain forms of punishment are needed. Striking a dog should never be part of it’s punishment, as this can easily spiral out of control and you may end up getting yourself in all kinds of trouble.


As Cesar Millan puts it, in the wild, dogs set boundaries with the only tools they have, their mouths. If any member of the pack oversteps the line, the pack leader will bite the misbehaving dog around the neck. So utilizing the same mentality, Cesar would give a firm prod to the neck with his fingers, in an attempt to say no in a dogs language as well to break their concentration long enough to help mentally pull them away from doing the wrong thing. This requires near perfect timing, as you have to almost predict the bad behaviour and stop it the very second it starts. If you’re trying to rehome a big problem dog, you are going to require a specialist to come and help, chances are they will discipline the dog with more force, without putting the dog in any pain.


Dobermanns are extremely intelligent and have what seems to be endless amounts of energy, they will need to be given exercise the not only stimulates the body, but also the mind. Then at the end of the day, more often than not, they love to come back and cuddle up on the couch with their not so furry family. Learn more on how to stop your puppy from biting.

Training your new dobermann puppy, where to start?

Doberman puppies are one of the most adorable breeds you will come to know and love. The Doberman is one of the most recognizable breeds, with its characteristic proud, alert stance, intelligent eyes, slightly long muzzle and muscular structure. The breed is highly intelligent and perform well in training, so there is no reason not to train Doberman puppies while they are still young. Getting your young Dobes the right training at the right time will help them develop the right behavior patterns when they become adults. When Dobermans are well-trained, they make excellent companions and wonderful pets, as you'll come to soon see.


Knowing Your Puppy's Breed

The Doberman pinscher or Dobermann is a mid-sized dog. He is fast, has excellent endurance and an elegant, refined appearance. With his intelligence, the Doberman can easily absorb training and retain it, which is why he remains a favorite in law enforcement and the military. Like most purebreeds, Dobermans have certain health issues that may be exacerbated by poor breeding practices. However, getting a puppy from a responsible and ethical Doberman breeder will help you avoid these problems.


Dobermanns are very protective of their humans. they are fearless, quite watchful and highly energetic. They are not necessarily the right breed for a first-time dog owner or anyone who thinks that owning a dog means feeding it then leaving it alone. They will need regular exercise, lots of love and early training, something that a lazy or irresponsible owner will not be able or willing to do. If a Dobe is well-trained, he can prove to be an excellent guardian and a loyal life-long friend.

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