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Iron Guard Dobersmanns frequently asked questions

Do you have European or American doberman bloodlines?

We have had good success with both American mixed with European blood lines, however as a rule of thumb we stick to using purely European doberman bloodlines.



Are your dobermans show line or working line?

All our dogs are only working line dobermanns



Why do your dogs have big floppy ears and a tail?

The doberman look with the cropped ears and docked tail is a cosmetic proceedure done to young puppies to give them the 'mean' terminator look we've all come to get used to. Like a few dog breeds, they are not born this way.


Do you dock tails or crop your puppies ears?

No, this is illegal. If you want to legally have a doberman with cropped ears or docked tails you will have to import one directly from another country that allows it. Alternatively if you rescue a dog that has had either of these procedures done then you will be in no danger of breaking the law.



Can we meet the parents before putting a deposit down on a doberman?

You certainly can, however we only own the females and utilize the best imported European bloodlines that can be found locally. We’re based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne should you wish to play with the mother of your future puppy.



What are your dogs normally fed on?

The everyday food our dogs receive include: Advance Active dog food, oats & eggs. Occasionally other superfoods, carrots, minced meat & assorted other raw veggies.


Are your dobermanns for sale Australia wide?

Yes they are! We will JetPet your future furry family anywhere in Australia, whether it be any of our capital cities like; Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adeleide etc. We are happy to see our dogs go over all over Australia.

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What post puppy sale support do you offer for your customers?

We will be more than happy to ensure a safe long life for your puppy, you may call or email us with your questions or comments (during regular business hours) and we’ll do our best to see that all yours and your puppies needs are met.



Do your dogs have any known genetic issues?

No, our dobermans are completely sound physically and free from any genetic dispositions.



I live outside Victoria and can’t drive to see you, how can I buy a puppy from you?

We use Jetpets to see our puppies fly interstate, they give the utmost care for your incoming puppy with their onsite temperature controlled kennels and quality transport crates.



What are the costs for using Jetpets?

Whilst every puppy being freighted will be different, a rough guide would be $150 - $300 depending on your distance from Melbourne.

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Examples of tail docking and ear cropping - sourced from Google.