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Diet isn't everything in getting a sound dog, socialization plays a huge roll in making a good dog great. Living with humans dogs can often inherit similar feelings to their owners, for example, if the owner is a 'stress head' the dog can easily suffer from a similar stress, where as a happy owner will mean a glowing dog.


Our doberman puppies are socialized with as many people as possible before going to their new homes. They're put in to as many scenarios as their young minds can handle, with situations like sudden sounds, cars other dogs, etc.


Introducing your dog to all these things we take for granted will mean a smarter, friendlier sound dog to protect your family for life.

Development of your future furry family member

It's hard when a family member has health issues, whether it has stemmed from genetic dispositions or simply poor health choices. Either way, we all know what spending money is like, and would no doubt want to not see if wasted on silly medical bills, when it could have been avoided in the first place.


What does this have to do with our Doberman puppies? Everything really. Our dogs by nature are from very solid blood lines with no health defects, perfect bone structure and a flawless vet record.


During the most critical part of our puppies lives, they are fed only the very best, this includes some super foods such as Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Chlorella, Goji and Oats. Other items includ probotics, minced meat, fresh vegetables and eggs, with a side of dog food.


We believe that during this important development stage the puppies will be given the best chance of the brightest future.

The first week Puppy help