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Need your puppy to be fine in crowds of randoms walking by? Then pay the local train station a visit, as each train passes, stand outside near the platform exit, people will come rushing off the train keen on getting home. If someone walks by and asks if they can pat your dog, all the better. Just make sure they are giving your little puppy a positive experience, if it starts running outside your dogs training be sure to let everyone know. Another little trick you can use here is have a small bag of liver treats or something your puppy dog likes, and the random strangers that do come over, give them a few to hand to your puppy, so strangers outside the house are not threats to your dog when he grows up, remember, dogs learn through association, so make all associations positive!


When your pup starts growing his confidence levels, take him to the train crossing before letting him meet all the ‘newbies’. Stand tall in the crossing safety box next to the tracks, hold your puppy, but don’t tell him or her how they’re going to be “okay”. You’re the leader, everythings fine already, if they see you playing it ‘cool’ they’ll eventually learn that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. After a few goes like this, place them on the ground, and let them gain the same confidence on their own. Eventually try and coax them closer to the trains with their favourite treats, this will really encourage them to be ‘ballsy’ and bravely conquer their fears in order for doggy treats.


One good test for your dog is to let it stay a night or two at a trusted friends house, make sure they know and understand the rules for your puppy thoroughly before leaving them there. This will be a good test for your dog and ensure they grow up being care free and easy. You wouldn’t want to go away for a weekend, not be able to bring your dog, leave it with a friend, and have it howling all night because it’s in an unfamiliar place without you.


Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as socializing your doberman puppy goes, chop and change them in what ever way works for you, but remember positive diversity will mean a stronger, social, loving furry family member that you can trust.

Make your new doberman puppy bulletproof, using nothing but spare time!

How can your new puppy take the first place on the podium for being a rock of social stability and keep any unwanted people away from your home? You don’t have to choose if you want a guard dog or a family dog, as they can be one in the same!


So, what is it that makes a solid dog that can be completely trusted in any circumstance, let me tell you, it’s not some magic trick or cheap tale, it’s actually very simple. It will come down to metaphorically throwing your new puppy into all kinds of different situations, you may start off by walking them down the street, then progress to bringing them to a lunch date where they can sit around and be oogled by all the surrounding tables because the cute factor at your table is at a supercharged high!


The world is huge, and it’s even bigger to your small doberman puppy, there are lots of sounds, smells, textures and even foods you should associate your little loved one with. So my recommendations are to take your pup out to experience all these different things as often as possible, here are some great suggestions, that I highly recommend.


Want them to be good with random people down the street? While they’re still young puppies, introduce them to everybody you can, if the people are dog people, let them jump up and say hi (this can be trained down the track, they’re a smart dog breed and will learn quick).


Remember a lot of this important socialization time can be done passively, if you’re going out for a small errand, bring your new pooch for a drive, take him from the car to the post office, tie him up outside and leave them in the open on their own for 5-10 minutes trying to ensure they get over any separation anxiety they may have in your absence. You’ll really need to suck it up and leave them there until they are quiet however, otherwise your next session leaving them in public on their own will be potentially worse. Ideally you want to come back to a dog that was content with your absence.

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