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How To Handle A Household With Both Children And Dogs!

By Mick, Aug 7 2017 03:08AM

Children are by no means easy to look after, and neither are puppies, or dogs in general! However, many of us remember the joy of growing up with a loving companion in the form of a dog by our side - and want the same for our little ones. So how do you go about the hectic life of managing kids and doggies all in one household? Here are a couple of tips to help you out!

Training Is Oh So Important!

People often think they can skimp on training, and their dog will ‘adjust’ or ‘mature’ - this is definitely not the case! When you own a pet, and are simultaneously raising children, safety is of utmost importance. The only way you’re going to get that is by investing proper time in training your dog, or having someone do it for you. It might be a pain at the start, but it’ll save you lots of annoyances and disturbances down the line.

Don’t Leave Your Kids Alone With Your Pupper

Yes, many dogs are lovely, family-friendly creatures. But the thing about an animal is that, just like us, they have a mind of their own, and may simply be in a bad mood or be having an off-day. To avoid horrible mishappenings taking place, refrain from leaving your little ones completely along with the household dog for long periods of time. This is definitely the case when they are very young, and you may relax a little on these rules as they grow up.

Multitask As Often As Possible

Both your kids and your pet need attention - and it’s great for both to get outdoors for fresh air. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Take the kids for a walk in their pram and have your Golden Retriever or German Shepherd on a leash for their daily walk. (It’s actually three birds with one stone, as you get a nice brisk walk for a workout as well). Having a dog is a great way to make sure your kids get plenty of time outside the house. Invest in climbing frames, and other outdoor play equipment - so your four-legged friend can bound around while you and your kids hang out and play!

Make Sure Your Dog Has Their Own Special Area

Look - young children can be annoying! We know it, and every parent in the world knows it. Your dog will most definitely grow to love your child, but they may occasionally find them to be a pain in the neck. Especially little children who may try and pull their tail, and just generally harass them. Make sure your pet has an area of their own where they can escape to, when they need a kid-free moment (because doesn’t everyone need a break from time to time)!

By no means should you be discouraged from getting a dog when you have kids, or are planning to. In fact, there are numerous benefits your children will gain from this relationship - including the fact that it’s a fantastic way to raise active children! Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to smoothly and successfully run a household with both kids and dogs!

By Monisha Iswaran

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