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The small how to on puppy socialization, you're doing it right.

By Mick, Dec 3 2014 11:36PM

So this blog post will be slightly rant related, but bare with me!

Going back a few years when I was learning the ropes of breeding puppies that were from some high drive blood lines, one thing you will notice is they have a really high separation anxiety response when they are rehomes, being strong dogs with such drive generally means they will go louder for longer, which absolutely sucks for someone who just wants to love their puppy. As I’ve mentioned a few times, this part of their life is very crucial to receiving tough love. It’s tough because all you want to do is pick them up and smoosh their furry little face and say It’s going to be okay. But like nearly all small animals, they are going to have no idea what the sounds coming from your mouth mean, it’s the tough love at this point in their life that lets them grow up without fears that just leave us scratching our heads.

Essentially, you just have to let them get it out of their system, over the space of a week of just ignoring the loud unwanted behaviours, you will notice it gradually drop off. When I say ignore it, I don’t mean the very second they stop whining you let them in. You honestly need to give them at least 5 minutes of not caring about being on their own, being quiet little puppies. This is your first step to proper puppy socialization.

When you’re dogs are slightly older, you’ll have people saying that you have the “best puppy ever” and “what breed of dog is that? It’s so well behaved!”.. Of course the answer is always Doberman ;)

Anyway, back to the story I was starting to tell.. So keep in mind tough puppy love is critical and will happy to any breed of puppy, I had one puppy I felt needed a little extra socialization before being re-homed with her new family. So one night my mum asked me over for dinner and like always she said “no dogs”, so I just brought the puppy with me instead. Anyway, gave her some socializing with new people then threw her out to be on her own in a strange house. As expected almost instantly, the puppy was crying, howling and all that stuff that claws at your heart, leaving you feeling a bit shabby on the inside. So some time had passed and the night was ending, so I packed the girl into her crate after she calmed down and went to leave. At the front door was a letter from one of the neighbours, saying things along the lines of “how dare we abuse our puppy and leave her on her own, if it happens again I’ll call the RSPCA and report you for animal abuse”. This was just the jist of the letter, there was a lot more detail in it.

So, just let those two parts of the story sink in for just one moment.

In one case, as a dog breeder, I’m saying that it’s crucial to do this hard puppy socialization training and you’ve got a nobody on the other side of the fence thinking that I’m abusing animals and she’s worried about their welfare.

So the moral of the story is ignorant people who feel they need to stick their nose into a situation is I believe half the reason we have so many problems in the world today.

If she’d spent the same amount of time Google’ing the situation and putting as much thought into it instead of hand writing a letter, she could have saved everyone a small headache.

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