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Doberman litter news, when will your future puppy be ready to pickup?

By Mick, Aug 31 2014 02:24AM

Outside of the regular prenant dobermann bitch diet, we've been giving her additional supplements to assist her to give birth to puppies of a higher caliber than she would have without the healthy helpers!

So what's in this health boost? As someone who is only a small step away from being a personal trainer, I've researched high and low and have found that a pregnant bitch would see clear benefits from adding additional supplements to her daily diet, so we've hand picked exactly everything needed for a healthy growth environment for unborn doberman puppies.

The bases covered with supplements include the following:

-Omega 3 through in concentrated fish oil, which helps healthy brain function and joint mobility.

-B vitamins, essential to cell metabolism & energy conversion.

-Vitamin E for a strong immune system and overall body function.

-Calcium for strong healthy bone development.

-Magnesium benefits include maintaining bodily nerves, muscles and bones.

-Iron to ensure that plenty of oxygen is carried throughout the bloodstream of the bitch and puppies alike.

-Zinc to support the immunity system for both the bitches well being post pregnancy and the longevity of the puppies

-Ester C to also support the future of their immune system (strong vitamin C alternative).

-Spirulina for the ultimate health kick, with well over 100 nutrients, Spirulina is often labelled as the most complete food source known to man. This ensures the new born puppy litter will have plenty of antioxidants to combat any possible viruses, which translates to a healthy puppy that doesn't need to spend half of its life at the vet getting jabbed with all sorts of needles, meaning that you pay for the dog once and the upkeep doesn't include a myriad of veterinarian bills!

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